J-TOP 議長からのご挨拶

J-TOP 日本側議長より

土屋 雅美 Masami Tsuchiya, PhD, JOP

がん専門薬剤師・がん指導薬剤師 Oncology Pharmacist
宮城県立がんセンター Miyagi Cancer Center

Participating in the J-TOP workshop in 2018 marked a turning point in my life. Previously, I had thought that multidisciplinary team medicine would arise naturally when people came together. However, I learned that by utilizing various knowledge and skills, such as a scientific approach, effective communication, and self-awareness, multidisciplinary team medicine can become more "vibrant."
J-TOP brings together individuals with a shared desire to promote multidisciplinary team approaches and provide improved cancer care. These members come from various backgrounds, including healthcare professionals, those who have experienced cancer, and those with loved ones affected by the disease. We believe that in order to create a society where individuals can coexist with cancer and live authentically, it is increasingly necessary to adopt an approach involving diverse members. Through your support of J-TOP's activities, we hope to continue working towards realizing such a society.

J-TOP アメリカ側議長より

Nicholas Szewczyk


私は2008年からJTOPに参加し、このプログラムが日本へ多職種協働チーム医療を導入し、高度なスキルと意欲を持ったチームを作り、がん治療の革新に取り組むまでに発展するのを目の当たりにしてきました。 私は、JTOPの参加者、チューター、メンターとの関わりを通じて、患者さんによりよい医療を提供するためにどうすればよいかを学び、JTOPに対する情熱を持ち続けています。 JTOPのメンバーや参加者は、それぞれの立場ですぐにリーダーとなる人たちです。このプログラムは、最適なケアを迅速かつ効率的に提供するために、互いのコミュニケーションと信頼を築くために必要なツールを提供しています。  私は、日本やアジア全域で成長しているこの仲間の一員であることを誇りに思っています。

I have been involved with JTOP since 2008, and I have watched this program evolved from introduction of multidisciplinary care in Japan, to creating highly skilled and motivated multidisciplinary teams tasked to innovate oncologic care.  My passion for JTOP remains through the relationships I have made with participants, tutors, and mentors, learning through their experiences on how to be a better care provider for our patients.  Each member and participant in JTOP are soon to be leaders in their respective position and this program provides the necessary tools to build communication and trust in each other to provide optimal care quickly and efficiently.   I am proud to be a part of this growing community across Japan and Asia.


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